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June 2022

As always, you're welcome to order direct through the link but it's good to have a chat to make sure you are getting the best products for you at this time. 

My personal offer to you is one of the brand new Shower Bars, choose your favourite, for orders over £45 - see below for more details*

The official Weleda Offer for this month ~

For orders over £60 you will received a full size gift of our Skin Food Body Lotion which offers Intensive nourishment and moisturisation for dry to very dry skin.

Indulge both your skin and senses with the scents of sweet orange and aromatic lavender balanced with the warm and vanilla notes of benzoin resin.

*These 75g bars offer the same body cleansing as 300ml of Shower wash, are totally bio-degradable, vegan, 100% no plastics and cost £4.75 each. 

  Your local or further afield, Weleda Wellbeing Advisor - That's me!

I believe in using the holistic approach, I love healthcare and skincare so being a Wellbeing Advisor for Weleda is something I really enjoy.

Weleda products are 100% certified natural and 84% of all the plant ingredients used are classified as being of organic and Biodynamic quality. None of the ingredients have ever been tested on animals.

For further information regarding Weleda products, to book a 1:1 skincare session or a

complimentary Weleda facial or to discuss hosting a Wellbeing Event please get in touch.

To visit my web shop for browsing or purchase of Weleda products please use the link at the bottom of the page. You can also email me via the link. I'd much rather you phoned me though as you might miss out on a good deal or money saving offer by going direct to my shop . . . just saying!

 Are you are wondering  . . .  What makes Weleda unique?

At Weleda our products are 100% certified natural and 84% of all our plant ingredients are classified at being of organic and Biodynamic quality. We never use synthetic fragrances, colourants or preservatives.

You know they are genuinely natural as every Weleda product bears the internationally recognised NATRUE seal of quality. The NATRUE seal guarantees the highest standards.

This means products contain only natural and organically sourced ingredients, have not been tested on animals, do not contain silicone oils nor ingredients from petrochemicals and are made by a truly authentic brand.

As a pharmaceutical company we control our whole supply chain, sometimes even down to the field or tree the ingredient comes from, so you can be assured a Weleda product is of the highest quality available. Our teams of scientists carefully process the ingredients, using their expertise and insights into 'nature's wisdom', ensuring the purest plant essence is extracted as a whole and activated to realise its potential. Our healthcare experts create holistic formulations to work with you on a physical and an emotional level. Every ingredient provides a health benefit, not as a cheap filler or to make a fashionable marketing claim. 

We have been doing all of this since 1921, so it's not a bandwagon we have jumped on recently. Weleda is still owned by the organisations created by our founders Rudolf Steiner and Dr Ita Wegman, just one more way in which Weleda is unique in the world of natural health and well being                                                 . - taken from the Weleda Brochure

Please do get in touch if you would like to receive your own copy of the current Weleda Brochure - special 100 year edition.  As well as product details and prices the brochure explains so much about the wonderful way Weleda works

For more information please find me on facebook:

To visit my on-line shop please follow the link;

Weleda Wellbeing Advisor - Hazel Curtis, East Sussex    or scan the QR Code below 

QR Code ~

Scan this code with your phone and go directly to my Weleda Shop, but please get in touch to ensure you benefit from all offers and information available from your Weleda Wellbeing Advisor ~ that's me :-) xx