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From July 19th 2021 in line with Government Guidelines 

It's been so nice seeing you all again, returning to work has been fabulous!

As always thank you for your support over the past year, every contact was much appreciated.

Weleda products and Wellbeing Advice will be available as usual by phone, Face to Face consultations or Zoom. Just get in touch ~ 

                                                Haze xx                      Updated: 19th July 2021

To reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission it has been necessary to make some small changes, but I'm confident we will get used to these very quickly and the impact on your treatment will be minimal. Please note updates are in bold type       19.7.21

  • You are asked to continue wearing a face covering where appropriate while attending for treatment.
  • I shall continue to wear a face mask and/or face visor where treatment necessitates the use of both forms of PPE.
  •  You are required to sign a Covid -19 declaration Consent form.
  • Our treatment space will continue to be well ventilated.
  • Payment prior to treatment. by bank transfer, card payment or cash at the time of your session.
  • The NHS QR code is available for those of you who've downloaded the app. For those of us without the app a record of your contact details will be kept for 21 days and only passed on if required for track and trace purposes. 

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding. Looking forward to seeing you soon Haze

Surprise gifts for friends and loved ones have been popular. If you would like to send a little something give me a call, let me know how much you want to spend - many Weleda products are less than £10, and I'll do the rest. A great way to brighten someones day and a lovely way to let friends and family know you are thinking of them.

Weleda's new Hydrating Prickly Pear Skincare Range is now available. Prices start at £14.95. Let me know if you'd like to find out more or give this range, or any of the others, a try.

July 2021

Customer Gift £60 -  Sea Buckthorn Wash*

£175 Event Host Gift -   Host Gift of your choice

* I'm happy for you to choose any of our Body Washes as your Customer Gift this month


Whether you can only spare half an hour or have the luxury of a whole day, time spent relaxing in a quiet, comfortable environment will help calm your mind and recharge your batteries.

My treatment centre is located in Polegate, five miles north of the seaside town of Eastbourne in the beautiful county of East Sussex.

Private parking is always available, but should you decide to make your journey by train, Polegate Railway Station is only a few minutes flat walk away.

Treatments available include reflexology, aromatherapy and massage, all of which are tailored to your specific needs.

Making Time to Unwind will give you the opportunity to relax and focus on your well-being.